The Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter is about four clans of wild cats known as Warriors living in a forest. In the first series, a group of cats from the city attack them, and a former housecat saves the clans. In the second series, developers destroy the forest and a new generation of cats have to lead the clans to a new home. In the third series, the three grand children of the original housecat have extraordinary powers, and they learn to harness those powers. In the fourth series, a new cat is added to the last three extraordinary cats and they protect the clans from their equivalent of hell, known as the Dark Forest. In the prequel series, the mountain cats form the original Warrior clans. There is a wiki about this.



  1. Into the Wild
  2. Fire and Ice
  3. Forest of Secrets
  4. Rising Storm
  5. A Dangerous Path
  6. The Darkest Hour

The New ProphecyEdit

  1. Midnight
  2. Moonrise
  3. Dawn
  4. Starlight
  5. Twilight
  6. Sunset

The Power of ThreeEdit

  1. The Sight
  2. Dark River
  3. Outcast
  4. Eclipse
  5. Long Shadows
  6. Sunrise

Omen of the StarsEdit

  1. The Fourth Apprentice
  2. Fading Echoes
  3. Night Whispers
  4. Sign of the Moon
  5. The Forgotten Warrior
  6. The Last Hope

Dawn of the ClansEdit

  1. The Sun Trail
  2. Thunder Rising
  3. The First Battle
  4. The Blazing Star
  5. A Forest Divided
  6. Path of Stars

Super EditionsEdit

  • Firestar's Quest
  • Bluestar's Prophecy
  • Crookedstar's Promise
  • SkyClan's Destiny
  • Yellowfang's Secret
  • Tallstar's Revenge
  • Bramblestar's Storm
  • Mapleleaf's Revenge


  1. The Lost Warrior
  2. Warrior's Refuge
  3. Warrior's Return
  • The Rise of Scourge

Tigerstar and SashaEdit

SkyClan and the StrangerEdit

Ravenpaw's PathEdit



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